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Since 1985, ITSENCLOSURES has been designing and building the toughest computer enclosures on the market.  Our NEMA rated PC enclosures are ideal for any and all environments where dust, dirt and exposure to liquids or corrosives are present.   Our line of computer, printer, server, network and electronic enclosures protect your investment and allow you to maximize the life of your electronics.

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The ViewStation line of products by ITSENCLOSURES provides vandal proof, all-weather LCD enclosures, outdoor digital menu boards, protective LCD covers and kiosk solutions for all of your digital signage protection needs! Our LCD enclosure products give you the capability to create and customize a digital message that will fit any application and any environment. Whether inside or out, large or small, commercial or retail, the ViewStation family will provide a solution with customization to the fullest.  ViewStation products have a strong presence in the transportation, stadium and quick-service restaurant markets.

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ImageFinding the Perfect Zebra Barcode Printer Enclosure

Zebra barcode printers are becoming more and more commonplace in manufacturing and industrial fields. Companies require barcode printers to print labels for shipments or product tags. Although it is always beneficial to have thermal label printers on the factory floor, these expensive printers cannot be exposed to dust, dirt, or splashing non-corrosive fluids. A dust-free printer enclosure is the perfect solution for protecting a barcode printer from harsh particles and elements. When researching a viable solution, what should the enclosure include in order to be functional?...READ MORE

Image4 Tips on Educating Customers in Outdoor Digital Signage Projects
When planning an outdoor digital signage project, there are a number of considerations that need to be addressed. It is common for customers to overlook pertinent questions, because they simply do not know the answers. By ignoring some of the basic fundamentals of outdoor digital signs, necessary building blocks can be left behind. These blocks are often the vital elements that lead to a successful digital project....READ MORE

ImageBest Practices for Installing Outdoor Digital Menu Boards
From small start-ups to large chains with thousands of locations, outdoor digital menu boards can help a Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) drive sales in the drive-thru.Digital menu boards make it easy to feature and highlight various promotional food and drink items. Pricing and specials can also be updated throughout the day. The possibilities are endless! Restaurants can reach sales goals by implementing the right solution from the beginning of the project...READ MORE

4 Tips for Determining Computer Enclosure Thermal Management

In a perfect world, system integrators deploying computer enclosures in harsh, manufacturing environments would possess an excellent understanding of thermal management and its many intricacies. In a realistic world, most users of the system know very little about the implications of subjecting electronics, concealed in a dust and dirt tight enclosure, in a warm environment. Making an informed decision - for the appropriate level of heating and cooling - will help maximize the lifetime of the electronics...READ MORE

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